D4.4 Demonstration plans

This report presents planned activities with end users on demonstrating ECOBULK circular solutions and how to contribute to “closing the loop” of composite products in three sectors; automotive, furniture and building by promoting greater re-use, upgrade, refurbishment and recycle of products, parts, and materials.

D2.5 Connection and fastener Toolbox

The Fastener Finder was created for D2.5, for designers to compare all fasteners on all properties. The Fastener Finder shows engineering information, lifecycle costs and circularity properties, which makes it possible to find the most environmental and economical fastening solutions for any particular problem.

D2.3 Material and manufacturing process selection criteria

The main objective of this deliverable is to support the adoption of product design for the circular economy by European manufacturing organizations (including composite manufacturers) in the early stages of design, notably addressing design for modularity, durability, re- manufacturing and re-cycling through material and manufacturing process selection.

D2.2 Design strategies and tools

This report sets out a framework of design strategies to use when developing composite products for a circular economy and describes the initial outcomes of the task 2.2 “Development of design strategies & tools” of the EcoBulk project.

D2.1 Report on baseline description

The deliverable brings an overview of the EcoBulk consortia knowledge on the current design considerations, materials choices, value chain, and end users of the selected baseline products/components. The work performed represents an essential starting point for establishing and evaluating future improvements with respect to the current state of the art.

D8.5 Report on Standardization

This deliverable contains the identification and analysis of the standardization technical committees (TCs) related to the project as well as of the published standards and standards under development that can be useful and relevant for the project activities. Furthermore, it can help in the future to identify standardization gaps that might be addressed – wholly or partially – by the results of the project.

D1.5 Data Management Plan

This document describes the Initial Data Management Plan (DMP) for the ECOBULK project. The DMP provides an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used throughout the ECOBULK project by the project partners, with regard to all the datasets that will be generated by the project.

D9.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan

This document is the master plan for all communication and dissemination activities to be implemented during the project, and includes all the activities and actions to disseminate the results of the ECOBULK project, the external and internal communication and also the transfer of knowledge and technologies through several national and international events.