Circular Composites - Design Guide

Project Ecobulk demonstrated a circular economy for products containing composites from three industry sectors: construction, furniture and automotive. The project revisited the materials, business models and design for a set of demonstrator products. In addition, researchers and students at Delft university of technology performed design case studies to explore recovery pathways and design practices. 

The Circular Composites design guide brings together the lessons learnt in all design cases and illustrates them with pictures of the finalized demonstrators and design cases.

Project Summary Poster

ECOBULK – Demonstrating Circular Composite Products and Materials in the Automotive, Furniture and Construction Sectors

Circular Design Strategies Poster

Circular Design Strategies – Maintaining Value and Extending Product Lifecycles

Brochure | Construction

Developing viable products from waste GFRP


This material explains concepts, numbers and main goals and outputs of the Ecobulk project


Learn general information of the project including the Ecobulk strategy

Presentation World Circular Economy

Ecobulk’s coordinator, Exergy Ldt, presented the project at the side event. Main aspects of the project were presented as well as a preliminary business Model for the Stakeholder Platform.