Ecobulk 2 Years on – M24 Meeting

Two years of Ecobulk where celebrated last week in Coventry, historical home of the British automotive industry. The meeting was hosted by the new project partners Warwick and Coventry University at the Scarman Conference Centre. The aim of the meeting was to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for each of the planned demonstrations. Several exciting new concepts have been developed by the partners in the past 2 years which we expect will enable new highly circular materials and products to be produced. But the Ecobulk project is a large-scale demonstration initiative, and so an integral part of the challenge is to fit all the newly developed partial solutions into a coherent, circular chain that is feasible – not only technically, or theoretically, but also economically, and practically.

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ECOBULK Prototype Design Business model workshop

Business models revisited

Creating circular value chains is not always straightforward, as choices for each stage have ripple effects on the entire chain. These effects can have secondary

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ECOBULK Progress Bar M18

M18 ECOBULK Project Update

The consortium gathered in Valencia for their regular 6 monthly meeting, hosted by partner ITENE at their offices in Paterna. After 18 months of hard

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ECOBULK in Lahti, Finland

Conenor attended the annual Modern Composite Solutions event in Lahti, to promote ECOBULK and discuss their new circular materials that integrate fiber reinforced plastic waste from various sources.

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