Ecobulk at Ecomondo – Automotive Sector Highlight

Ecobulk will be joining H2020 projects DECOATMulticycle and ALMA at the ISWA stand during the Ecomondo Exhibition in Rimini between the 26th and 29th of October 2021. 

The program on Wednesday the 27th will feature live presentations on these projects and a round table discussion on Circularity for Composites in Automotive. There will also be presentations streamed in from the Ecobulk Webinar – Walking The Talk, featuring the project Fiberuse and further contributions from the Ecobulk team on business models.

If you are in Rimini, join us at the ISWA stand.

And if you are not, join the Walkng the Talk Webinar, which will feature a live broadcast from Rimini!