Newsletter 1 – Developing a circular framework: ECOBULK takes the lead

Newsletter 1

Developing a circular framework:

ECOBULK takes the lead

We are excited to announce that ECOBULK project, funded by Horizon 2020, has officially started its 4-years long journey towards formulating new materials and design models for the circular economy.

This one of a kind large-scale demonstration project spanning three industries – automotive, furniture and construction – focuses on bulky composite materials, which are a significant obstacle to mainstream adoption of circular economy models. Complex composite products are popular in new industrial designs because of their advantageous properties, but they are difficult to recycle.

As prof. Ruud Balkenende of TU Delft remarked during his presentation on circular design frameworks for the three product sectors, ‘From a design perspective, linear product recycling is coincidental‘. ECOBULK, with its complete design and production model for circular products, eliminates this coincidence and replaces it with the promise of longer product lifecycles and a higher retention of value at the end-of-life stage. A promise which we sorely need to fulfil in the face of limited resources, economic burden and environmental threat.

Last week the consortium partners from all over the Europe met in Barcelona to discuss progress in the early stages of ECOBULK. The consortium, 27 members in total, is a group of designers, material and product manufacturers, waste managers and recyclers, who, supported by environmental analysts, will demonstrate the value and feasibility of a circular approach to composite products.In this newsletter you can read about some of the interesting first steps taken in this project and presented during the meeting:

In the following weeks, you will hear more about the companies involved in ECOBULK as well as the work they do. Join us now on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to follow ECOBULK progress.

Spread the news about ECOBULK and forward this e-mail to someone, who might be interested in the ECOBULK project.