Publication of CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA) based on Ecobulk

Earlier this year project partner UNE expertly guided the consortium in the process to develop and produce a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). These represent a consensus agreement based on an open workshop where subject matter experts examine the proposed specifications, and can be a step to further standardisation efforts in the future.

Ecobulk submitted and proposed two CWAs based on the work done specifically for Design for Circularity and Composite Recovery in the Automotive Industry.

  • CWA17806:2021: Design Circular Framework Setting. Composite recovery design solutions in the automotive industry

    This document defines a circular design approach with the aim of delivering long-lasting and modular products in the automotive industry that will be easy to upgrade, refurbish and reuse, to be aligned with Europe’s new regulations and to start building the transition to a Circular Economy.

  • CWA17807:2021: Dismantling methods and protocols in a Circular Economy Framework. Composite recovery in the automotive industry

    Current recycling systems for ELV’s (End of Life Vehicles) are designed to valorize the metallic content. Currently there is an ongoing trend to use non-metallic parts, low value, and complex materials in the vehicle (and future ELV) to reduce their carbon footprint. This document overviews, optimizes and validates the strategies and technologies for collection and material recovery (plastics, foam, glass, fibres from vehicle parts) for (re-) manufacturing, in addition to parts that are already being recycled.

With the publication of these two CWAs, the project has officially met its ambitious objectives concerning the contribution of the ECOBULK project to standardization. 

Our thanks and congratulations to UNE and the partners involved in this effort for this great achievement.

Both CWAs are available for free dowload from the CENCENELEC site in the CWA Download Area.