Conenor Ltd is a private management owned engineering company (SME) developing its innovative extrusion equipment and processes as well their product applications. The company is found in Finland year 1995 and started initially for several years in collaboration with the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) and co-financed by National Technology Agency (Tekes) but is acting today independent of these Finnish State owned institutions.

Conenor offering in composite extrusion materials include material fraction & formulation assessment, development, testing and sampling services both from waste and/or recycled and virgin materials. In new extruded composite products the company offers outsourced process and product R&D-services both in single- and multilayer structures (profiles, boards & panels) in its existing proprietary equipment listed below situated today at facilities at town of Orimattila, Finland. 

The company carries out techno-economical feasibility studies for its worldwide clients aiming to start new businesses in extruded composites from recovered waste and recycled materials. The expertise, competencies and equipment base of Conenor have a perfect match with the project aims and needs to assess the suitability of different fibre fractions of ELV plastics and MBW wood in extruded composites (WPC) and to develop processing techniques and new products in single- and multilayer structured profiles and panels.