Coventive composites is part of the NetComposites Group. NetComposites was founded in 2001 with the specific objective of developing and exploiting new composite materials technologies. The company is active in materials development, web-based information services and is also well-known for its insight into emerging technologies in composites, having undertaken studies into the future of the industry for the UK Government, European Commission and private companies. NetComposites has participated and coordinated several EC projects in the areas of biocomposites, nano materials, thermoplastic composites and recycled materials. They have successfully developed products from research into commercial products, sold through a sister company.

Coventive is actively developing the next generation of composite materials and process technologies.

Our team of chemists, material scientists and engineers is working alongside leading suppliers and end-users to bring new composite products to market. Examples of our technologies that have been commercialised successfully include the Biotex range of natural fibre reinforcements and Ecopreg biobased prepregs; both of which are marketed by Coventive’s sister company, Composites Evolution.

Our ongoing in-house developments include:
  • Biobased fibre reinforcements, resins and prepregs
  • High quality continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic tapes
  • Long natural fibre reinforced thermoplastic pellets for injection moulding
  • Self-reinforced thermoplastics with low mass and high impact resistance
  • Functionalisation of composites through nanoadditives

Your partner for innovation
Whether you are looking for an independent and knowledgeable partner to assist you with your own product development, or you have an interest in licensing one of our already-developed proprietary technologies, Coventive has the skills and experience to help you bring a new technology to market. Our innovation services include:

  • In-house composite material and process development
  • Licensing of our proprietary technologies
  • Preparation of proposals and partnering for grant-funded research programmes (European Commission, Innovate UK, etc.)
  • Project management