Exergy (Coordinator)


Project Coordinator

Exergy is one of the UK’s leading Sustainable Process & Green Construction companies with the expertise to provide services, across the globe, to develop, engineer, construct and operate projects that contribute to our goal of a low carbon and sustainable future. We have been in the industry for over 10 years, contributing to the development of the global sustainable market. We have helped to move the sustainable process from the margin to the mainstream. Operating across a range of innovative low-carbon technologies, our capabilities cover everything from project inception to waste valorisation and operation. Sustainability and circularity lies at the core of our values; balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to address the world’s environmental problems is what makes us different. We are pioneers of Sustainable Process Solutions and Green-Construction, proof of this, Exergy is leader in Galileo eye’s Methodology around the world (patent rights- software: 40%).

We are unique in our ability to offer vertically integrated skills in a range of sustainable process solutions. Exergy can be involved at every stage: from project design and development, through planning and financing, engineering and construction to operation. Exergy ensures schemes are designed and built to generate energy in the most economical way and with minimal environmental impact.

Exergy provides a range of technical and professional services across the entire value chain in the sustainable process and built environment sector by means of a multi-disciplinary team supported by extensive practical experience in the following specialist areas: Feasibility Assessments that include techno-economic assessments; Design, Modelling and Scaling up of Chemical and Biochemical Processes and Systems; Resource Efficiency & Environmental Management; Water Management Strategies; Design and Delivery of Resource Efficiency support for SME’s; Development, Monitoring and Measurement of Sustainability Projects; Low Carbon footprint Construction Techniques and Life Cycle Assessment. Exergy has a strong work team made up of different profiles: chemical and process engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers and environmental engineers, among others.

Exergy provides engineering and services through different departments which are specialised. The sustainable process department is specialised in the development of different technological processes (including industrial) and the analysis of their impacts, where a strong focus on economic analysis (techno-economic) to determine the feasibility of the technology is one of the core activities of Exergy. The main areas of interest within the Sustainable Process Department includes: waste and wastewater valorisation; circular economy; and bio-economy solutions.

Exergy is also member of SPIRE PPP and BBI JU.