Istituto per i Polimeri Compositi e Biomateriali (IPCB-CNR)

The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is the main public research organization in Italy and its original institution goes back to year 1923. Amongst the thematic Institutes of CNR, The Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB-CNR) will participate to the activities of the ECOBULK project.

IPCB-CNR was founded in March 2014 by merging the two Institutes with internationally recognized skills on polymer based materials and composites, the former Institute for Polymer Chemistry and Technology (ICTP), and the former Institute for Composite and Biomedical Materials (IMCB). IPCB-CNR depends on the Department of Chemical Science and Materials Technology of CNR. IPCB-CNR is located in Pozzuoli (Naples), with historical support units located in Naples/Portici, Catania and Pisa. The recently established support units of Trento and Lecco contribute to a further improvement of the cooperation with national and international industrial and manufacturing districts.

Research activities of IPCB converge in three main subjects: Advanced Materials, Sustainability and Health/Nanomedicine. These subjects are split into the following specific research topics:
  • Advanced Materials: Materials for optics, electronics and energy; Lightweight materials; Processing technology; Functional materials; Hybrids and nanocomposites; Structure-property relationships.
  • Sustainability: Biodegradable and biobased polymeric materials; Recycling of polymers and composites; co-sustainable additives and materials.
  • Health and Nanomedicine: Biocompatibility and safety; Glycomics; Controlled release; Regenerative medicine; Hydrogels and injectable systems.

IPCB-CNR is one of the most relevant Italian research institutes on polymers, with about 100 researchers and technologists, 35 technicians and administrative workers, 40 post-doc and research fellows and 15 PhD students. Moreover, the Institute guests foreign students and researchers in the frame of international cooperation programmes. The performances of IPCB have seen a continuous growth and, since March 2014, the researchers of IPCB have published more than 120 papers on high-impact international scientific journals and several contributions in conference proceedings. Moreover, IPCB-CNR has a wide patent portfolio

The IPCB has a significant capability of attracting research funding through the competitive participation to national and international calls for projects and through research contracts with private entities. In 2015, about 60 national and international research projects are on-going.