Technoplants srl was born in 1984 by founder Marco Gualtieri and became from the beginning a preferred supplier for some well-known local company. In 1990 Claudio Bracali joins the company. He had accumulated a long experience as a designer of mechanical-textile machinery and contributed to the construction of new machinery, which received success both in Italy and abroad. In the middle ’90s Technoplants srl discerns the demand for end-of-line machinery which can automate the final transformation processes of non woven products. The product range, which initially consisted in crosslappers and needle looms, is then upgraded with a new series of cutting, winding and wrapping units. The company grows up quickly and the building area increases from few hundred square meters of 1994 to 4000 sq meters of 2001.

Technoplants has diversified its own production becoming a leading company in the following sectors:
  • Carding and spinning of woollen yarn (especially fine knitting yarn including cashmere, angora, camel hair and their blends with fine wool)
  • Nonwoven, including Card feeding systems, needle loom, cutting units, airlay, thermobonding unit

Technoplants already operates in cooperation with reliable international suppliers of machines for the supplying of complete plants in the automotive industry, construction industry, air filtration, furniture, wall covering and household products.