Project Start: June 2017

Main achievements so far

ECOBULK has now finished, and the consortium is very proud of the results of 4.5 years of their work on enabling and proving circularity is possible and viable for composite materials and products.



Final Conference

The consortium held its final conference to present the results and legacy of the project on the 26th of November 2021.

In this event, “ECOBULK: Demonstrating Circularity for Bulky Composite Products in Automotive, Furniture & Construction Sectors“,  the ECOBULK consortium made  the case that circularity for composites is not only possible but can also be appealing and profitable. This was demonstrated through the production of real world prototypes in the automotive, furniture and construction industry. Other enabling technologies that allow the circular lifecycle to take place. where also presented, including:

  • New materials,
  • Circular Design Guidelines,
  • Business models,
  • Decision support system,
  • Quality assurance,
  • And more …!

Watch the recording on our YouTube channel here.



Partner meeting to refine prototypes and business models

As the project progresses from the design framework to actual prototype designs, the partners will focus on materials, logistics and concrete plans for what, where and how ECOBULK products will be demonstrated. 

The design framework deliverables are now available for download.



Next meeting to set up demo plans is coming…

Our project’s first year is coming up. Our General Assembly will take place in Germany with the major focus of planning the demo products and activities. Showrooms and applications will be available for you to follow.



Meeting Moretti Compact in Pesaro Italy

A successful meeting with the new project partner Moretti Compact took place in Pesaro (Italy). New ideas around circular product design were shared and discussed with the new partner. The very first designs of circular furniture products will be coming soon.



ECOBULK modular products definition has started

Dashboard components for the automotive sector, beds and bookshelf cabinets for the furniture sector and wood-plastic composite planks, panels and boards for the building sector. This is getting exciting. Check out here for more.



New partners joined the project

The ECOBULK consortium is getting stronger with two recycling companies Bellver and Aimplas, and the furniture manufacturer Moretti Compact joining the project. The new partners will be supporting the design of new circular products, the manufacture and demonstration of circular solutions, and the development of end of life strategies for both the newly designed circular and the current linear product systems. Get to know them.  

Nov 23rd


Meeting the partners in Barcelona. The modular design started!

We reached the six month of the project and the design and prototyping activities initiated for the development of the new ECOBULK products. Soon you will learn more about our spectacular and sustainable applications



Important external collaboration to reuse turbine blade material into ECOBULK’s applications

ECOBULK has established a collaboration with Virol, a recycling company located in Holland who will collect and prepare turbine blade material in bulk volumes to be used in the ECOBULK production. Learn more

June 26th


The kick start…

The project officially was launched at TuDelft in Netherlands with the participation of all partners and more than 60 participants.  A good kick start for the following 4 years working together in this outstanding initiative.

June 7th


ECOBULK was presented at The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) before its kick-off

The World Circular Economy Forum presents the world’s best circular economy solutions and gathers the most recognised experts and decision makers. At this event, the ECOBULK project was presented at WCEF Side Event, “Promoting Green Investments: Matchmaking opportunities for SMEs from EU Projects in the Circular Economy“ in Finland (Helsinki).  Click here for more info.